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In order to ensure the stability of production capacity in the autumn-winter period of 2021-2022, the repair of the switchgear ORU-220 kV, SHR-I-MShV, RMDZ-220/1000 of Mubarek IEM JSC will be carried out from 12.04 to 30.04.2021. being carried out.


December 8th is the Constitution Day of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan of the Twelfth Convocation was adopted at the eleventh session of the Supreme Soviet of the Republic of Uzbekistan on December 8th, 1992.
The Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan consists of an introduction, 6 sections, 26 chapters and 128 articles.

The people of Uzbekistan, solemnly declaring their commitment to human rights and the ideas of state sovereignty, recognizing their high responsibility to present and future generations, relying on the historical experience of the development of Uzbek statehood, demonstrating their commitment to democracy and social justice. Recognizing the supremacy of the universally recognized rules of international law, striving to ensure a decent life for the citizens of the republic, building a humane democratic state governed by the rule of law, in order to ensure peace and national harmony, adopts the present Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
The General Constitution of the country defines the basic principles of the structure and activity of society and the state, public authorities and administration, their powers, the basic rights and duties of citizens, the relationship between society and the individual. All current laws and other documents are adopted on the basis of and in accordance with the Constitution.
Events and seminars are being organized at “Mubarek IEM” JSC on this occasion.
The goal is to help employees gain a deeper understanding of the encyclopedia of our life.

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