General Information

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Brief information about JSC “ Muborak Issiqlik Elektr Markazi “

         Muborak Issiqlik Elektr Markazi JSC is a subsidiary of Muborak Gas Processing Plant, located at 12 km south-east of Mubarek district of Kashkadarya region, near the Karshi-Bukhara highway.

According to the general plan, the territory of the enterprise is 32.61 hectares.


– The area is 25.21 hectares

– The area of ​​industrial construction is 7.4 hectares.

The climate of the enterprise is dry, and the air temperature fluctuates rapidly in the spring. The absolute maximum temperature is +50 ° C, the absolute minimum temperature is -23 ° C. Annual precipitation is 168 mm. May-September is the wettest time.

The freezing depth of the earth’s crust is 0.8 m.

The seismic condition of the construction area is 8 points.

The design capacity of the station is 120 MW for electricity and water supply

The design capacity of the station is 376 Gcal in terms of thermal energy.

– The company has 10 departments: IMUEKB; OECD; IAEA; BMB; KSTB; TIMB; ATMB; ICHMB; TIMB; MTTB;

Main equipment:

  1. Boiler equipment – 3 pieces (for steam generation);
  2. Turbine unit – 2 pieces (for rotation of the generator);
  3. Generator – 2 pieces (for power generation);


During the commissioning of the plant, the installed capacity was 60 MW of electricity per hour, 1,000 tons of steam per hour, today it is 120 MW of electricity per hour, 1,500 tons of steam per hour.

The share of manufactured products in the total volume of manufactured products in the Republic is as follows.

– Heat energy on average 26%; -Electricity is about 1% on average;

Development process:

Raw water → dry cleaning → evaporation → deaerator → supply pump

→ Boiler → Turbine ═Electric energy, heat energy

The water from the Kuyu-Mozor reservoir is pumped through the MGKIZ LLC to the chemical water treatment plant and then to the evaporator and the pipes to the deaerator via a supply pump. With the help of steam from the boiler, the generator is rotated by a turbine and the generated steam is delivered to the consumer, and the generated electricity is transmitted to the network.