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Community strategy and future plans



2.1. The purpose of the company is to generate profit (income) by producing electricity and heat.

2.2. Types of activity of the Company are:

 Participate in the coverage and production of electricity and heat load schedule, taking into account the economic interests of society, with the efficient use of production capacity of fixed assets in accordance with the given regime of the power system;

Reliable operation of equipment, good condition of buildings, structures and communications, economic development of society, ensuring the fulfillment of the main tasks of the power plant to meet the needs of the economy and the population in electricity and heat at the lowest cost. and ensuring the well-being of their community;

Improving the efficiency of installed capacity, compliance with dispatch schedules of electrical and thermal loads and maintaining the normal quality of power supply, frequency and voltage of electricity, pressure and temperature of hot water and steam;

Introduction of new equipment, automation and modernization of production facilities;

Ensuring maximum efficient operation of energy equipment using fuel and other resources wisely;

Processing and sale of products of its subsidiaries through sales outlets;

Construction of greenhouses and cultivation and sale of various fruits in them;

Feeding and cultivation of agricultural (livestock) livestock;

Production and sale of agricultural products;

Organization of beekeeping;

Establishment of hotels;

Organization of home-based work;

Car service – organization of paid parking;

Carrying out foreign economic activity in accordance with the established procedure;

Opening of various shops and catering establishments to sell their products in the Republic and abroad, in soums and currencies;

may carry out other activities not prohibited by the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

2.3. Types of activities that require a product permit (license) are carried out after obtaining a license in the manner prescribed by law.